I have worked across academia, industry, and the international development community to promote improved domestic and global public health by advancing technology-based interventions and applications for:
  • Numerous FDA cleared products including current molecular tests ensuring safety of U.S. blood supply (HIV, HCV, HBV, West Nile Virus) (Gen-Probe > Grifols)
  • Molecular detection systems for environmental testing and biosecurity (Gen-Probe, Nanogen / Vectrant, Intrexon)
  • Medical countermeasures: diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines (Gen-Probe, Nanogen / Vectrant, Exonhit, Intrexon)
  • Development of pioneering gene-edited environmental clean-up systems for emerging contaminants of concern (COCs) {e.g., 1,4-dioxane] (Intrexon)
  • Infectious disease testing and vector control interventions for mosquito-borne diseases (Gen-Probe, St. Gabriel’s Hospital - Malawi, Intrexon, Oxitec)
  • Invasive species population control (Intrexon, Oxitec)
  • Endangered species population expansion with cloning of archival veterinary specimens to enhance population genetics (Intrexon, ViaGen) [press] black footed ferret - | Przewalski's horse -
  • Ocean conservation and marine natural products chemistries discovery
  • Gene-editing and GMOs in our food systems (Intrexon)
  • Future of food: plant-based and alternative protein

I believe a universal view of health is required to reverse the negative impacts currently facing our species and planet. ONE HEALTH and PLANETARY HEALTH perspectives enhance intervention efforts by integrating public health, global health and environmental health disciplines.